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The Start of SMOOCH: Cupping Trials- Blog Post- April 7th 2019, Check This Out!

"The Complete Protocol" all started in a little massage therapy clinic called Village Roots Wellness. A question was asked, a plan was made and trials began. Here is a copy of that original post and a link to check out this sweet little spot in Whitby, ON, CA.


Village Roots Wellness is currently testing a new treatment protocol for treating cellulite!

The treatment includes; cupping sessions in the clinic and a home care package. The treatment is currently in its testing phase. It is perfect timing with summer just around the corner!

Cellulite is caused by subcutaneous fat bulging into the dermal layer (connective tissue layer) of the skin. Resulting from this is a decrease in blood flow to the area. When reduced blood flow occurs, collagen production decreases. As a result of the cellulite, there is a decrease in circulation and lymph drainage from that area. This treatment will target your troubled area from the inside out, resulting in an increase in collagen production, blood flow, circulation and improved lymphatic drainage.

We are very excited in the possibilities with this treatment!

Stay tuned for more details. Trials run for the next 3 weeks and we will post our results!

Head to to check out this cool spot!

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